Johnny 's Artwork


Johnny is an outgoing, passionate and extremely versatile artist and one of our residents here at Pretty at Ink.

Since a young age Johnny has always had a passion and natural ability for art.

He combines his drawing technique with his love for tattoo design to create stunning, unique and one of a kind artwork for his clients.

Johnny effectively executes any tattoo style including, old school, neo-trad, realism and cover ups. He is comfortable doing black/grey and colour.

Specialty/Preferred Style:

Johnny enjoys working on big and visual realism fusion. Stylised artworks representing the theme and ideas of the customer in black/grey or colour.

Tattooing since:


Influences / Fave artists:

Pop culture, music, Dali, Rembrandt, nature and movies.

What motivates him:

The ability to meet people and sharing art with them is a big motivator. Being a part of great crew who elevate each other to be the absolute best. Above all is being able to do what I love every day.

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