Tez 's Artwork


Proudly one of our most experienced artist, Tez has over 7 years of industry experience and as a result one of Pretty In Inks most versatile resident artist.

Tez specialises in black and grey realism and is well known for his religious and portraiture work. He also enjoys working on really detailed, fine line, micro tattoos.

His level of inspiring work ethic, paired with his extensive experience, has allowed him to approach and execute any style of tattoo to remarkable standard and quality.

Specialty/Preferred Style:

I consider myself a black and grey realistic artist, I do dabble in the occasional colour work and love that too. I'm known more for my micro tattoos, fine line work, religious art and portraits.

Tattooing since:


Influences / Fave artists:

A lot of the up and coming home grown Australian talent in the tattoo industry, Nikko Hurtado, Franco Vescovi and abstract oil painter Georgia O’Keefe.

What motivates him:

For me it is the entire tattooing process from start to finish. From meeting my client for the first time and bouncing ideas back and forth,, to creating a custom design for them where they allow me to really use my artistic perspective to make their vision come to life, to the final result. For me as a tattoo artist there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your clients face light up when they see the final results. Seeing their reaction and I still find it pretty humbling that my clients put their faith in me to let me mark them for life. Without you guys I'd be an artist with no canvas.

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